The central figure in the surfboards, skateboard, and t-shirt produced by WRV (Wave Riding Vehicles)
to benefit the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art is my re-design of the Virginia State flag.
Growing up, I never liked my state flag. I thought it looked goofy. So, I took this project as an
opportunity to fashion it to my liking. Here is a link to a PDF that explains my process more in-depth.

New Edition
Order of Operations, 2021, porcelain-baked enamel on steel, 20 x 15 x 1.5 in. (50.8 x 38.1 x 3.8 cm),
Edition of 10 + 2 APs, Published by Exhibition A, New York

Non-fungible Token Art available on Foundation
Download the RM.NFT.Primer.PDF.
Download Spec Sheets for Each:
RM.NFT.1.Introduction     RM.NFT.2.BicycleWheel     RM.NFT.3.TheLanguageGame

NEW BOOK: Mindscapes Notes
A 666-page artist’s book of sketches, drawings, inspiration images, and contemplations
on a variety of topics to accompany the Mindscapes exhibition at Miles McEnery Gallery.
Available Here.

A 208-page book will be published on the occasion of the Mindscapes exhibition
at Miles McEnery Gallery. Jori Finkel wrote a thoughtful essay and Eric Shiner conducted
an in-depth interview. McCall Associates designed the book. It is very good.


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